Jughead Sports Unveils New Reusable 64 Oz Water Bottle to Promote The Importance of Drinking Water

Jughead Sports wants you to drink more water and rid the use of non-reusable plastic bottles, one 64 ounce water bottle at a time.


Jughead Sports, an active lifestyle brand company has announced the launch of a 64 ounce water bottle. The Jughead 64 ounce water bottle, which is eco-friendly, is made from premium food grade stainless steel and comes with a neoprene sleeve and an adjustable shoulder strap that makes carrying it around convenient and comfortable. Available exclusively on Amazon, customers will be able to choose from two powder coated colour variants - Cool Gray and Brilliant Pink. Each bottle will be packaged separately. Upon its launch, the company announced that the bottle has already been embraced by the fitness industry as its own.

“Fitness is an important component to being healthy and the Jughead 64 ounce water bottle is a testament to a healthy lifestyle,” said Titi Marquez-Hall (Pronounced TeeTee), NASM-CPT and co-founder of Jughead Sports. “64 ounces satisfies half of the recommended daily water intake and because water is calorie, fat, caffeine, and sugar free I recommend my clients to incorporate more water into their daily exercise regimen. Titi concluded, “The importance and relevance of water to health cannot be understated.”

The Jughead 64 ounce water bottle features a wide mouth design and a sports flip cap making it easy to drink right from the spout without removing the lid. Unlike use-and-toss single serving plastic bottles, Jughead water bottles are free from harmful elements like BPA, lead, and PVC. The company highlighted that one reusable 64 ounce Jughead water bottle, if consumed daily, replaces 1,460 16 ounce plastic water bottles a year. A number the company says will increase as more people stop using plastic non-reusable water bottles.

Customers can purchase one jughead water bottle for $39.99, making the Jughead 64 ounce water bottle very competitive compared to other similar bottles on the market.

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About Jughead Sports is a #Fitnesslifestyle brand that advocates leading an active lifestyle that promotes the benefits of drinking water while reducing the use of plastic non-reusable water bottles for water consumption.

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