What’s so special about the Jughead 64 ounce insulated water bottle?

First, the obvious...

The Jughead 64 ounce water bottle is a stainless steel, wide-mouth, insulated water bottle. Every bottle is powder coated, includes a leak-proof locking lid with spout, a neoprene sleeve, and an adjustable shoulder strap. Oh yeah, and we cannot ignore the cool effect (no pun intended).

It’s hard to read that last paragraph and not come up with the notion that we’re just checking off our list of keywords.

The truth is...

With the abundant supply of 64 ounce water bottles on Amazon to choose from, with similar features and benefits, the Jughead 64 ounce water bottle looses the popularity contest...Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Our values are more important than popularity.

So if you’re waiting to see Jonah Hill in his SoHo neighborhood carrying around a 64 ounce Jughead water bottle before purchasing’ll be waiting for David Friedman and Daniel Weiss to rewrite the last episode of Game of Thrones.

Ok....I admit, both are worth waiting for!

After all, a movement takes time to build momentum and eventually it becomes magnetic.

I know it’s hard to imagine, but Apple hasn’t always been the influential brand that we’ve grown to know and trust. In fact, Apple struggled to compete with IBM and Microsoft for more than 25 years before launching the iPhone in 2007, which marked the mobile revolution. Now, on September 10th, Apple is expected to unveil new iPhone models at its annual event. Over one million viewers are expected to stream the event.

That’s a movement!

I draw the comparison between Apple and our 64 ounce insulated water bottle, to point out how staying true to your values, while it may not be a popular decision, over time can deliver a competitive advantage.

Watch Steve Jobs Talk About Values at D8 2010 here

So again, what makes the Jughead 64 ounce insulated water bottle so special?

It’s simple...Intention

“I want to do good. I want the world to be better because I was here” - Will Smith

Behind every Tweet, behind every Instagram story and picture posted, and behind every desk in every office, you’ll find a Jughead champion passionately advocating for drinking a minimum of 64 ounces of water daily.

Let’s face it... Water is the new soda.

Drinking more water will aid you in becoming the best version of yourself. To state it frankly, your quality of life depends heavily on the amount of water you consume every day.

So whether you’re an existing Jughead 64 ounce water bottle customer or you’re considering becoming one, by purchasing your own bottle, you are sharing and representing the same ideals that wake us up every morning.

#AvoidDehydration #DrinkMoreWater #ReducePlastic #StayActive #LiveYourBestLife

These are not just sticky hashtags. These are the #LifeGoals for Jughead Sports.

We don’t just hash about it... We live by it.

Thank you to everyone who has made our first-month launch a success. Thank you for every Jughead picture you have shared on social media, for every person you have encouraged to drink more water, and for every positive review. You are the essence of our identity. You are all brand champions.

But we have a lot of ground to cover...

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